Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated May 2012

nvyt.com is a free service of the eWoFF Network. Please take a moment to review the frequently asked questions to enhance your experiences at nvytr.com.

Are the services of nvytr.com free?

Yes, you are not charged for using nvytr.com either as an event organizer or as an event participant.

What kinds of events can be planned on nvytr.com?

nvytr.com is very flexible and suitable for many kinds of events, from kids birthday parties to weekly yoga sessions. In addition to managing invitations, nvytr.com allows you to create lists to coordinate food, supplies, equipment, etc.

How can I use nvytr.com for commercial events?

Please contact info@nvytr.com to setup for commercial events.

What is eWoFF Network?

eWoFF Network is a set of sites and services for family and friends. eWoFF Network is owned, developed and operated by eWoFF.com, Incorporated, an Illinois, USA corporation. Your may contact eWoFF.com, Incorporated at info@nvytr.com or writing at
eWoFF.com Incorporated
20 N. Wacker Drive,
Suite 3305
Chicago, IL 60606